Krohn Design

Award-winning product and experience design leader, strategist, thinker and problem-solver, with a strong background in solution synthesis and development, and a passion for user-centric elegance and simplicity. Lived and worked internationally for most of my life - Deep involvement in all aspects of the development process - Multicultural perspective toward solving problems and achieving results - Unusually strong technical and engineering competencies across nearly all development areas - Deep, trusted relationships with multi-tier suppliers in Asia.I focus on the highest standards of design, usability, and user experience - while continually enabling business appropriate and manufacturable solutions. Collaborating as a team player with marketing, engineering and development partners while building lasting relationships and trust to enable creative solutions, has made me as comfortable interacting with executives as developing new processes with sub-tier suppliers. When roadblocks to solutions arise, I work to thoughtfully account for the business and cross-functional needs across the team. Over the last decade, my leadership, passion and drive shaped more Dell products by volume shipped, and resulted in more design awards, than any other design Principle in the company.I approach every project with passion for continual learning and understanding, as well as for coherence and detail in both architecture and execution. Expertise at achieving empathetic user-based insights using contextual ethnographic research, has enabled me to bring an inherent strategic and tactical intuition to designing product and user experience; often I see opportunities or challenges that many people don’t realize are there. My capabilities in strategic vision, business understanding, collaboratively building and leading or influencing multidisciplinary teams, and my broad technical and manufacturing competencies, enables the application of a wide base of knowledge and experience to creating game-changing solutions at all levels, while designing delight into even the most basic product experience.