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Flavours by CAO Flavours by CAO Flavours by CAO Flavours by CAO Flavours by CAO

When our client introduced a line of flavored cigars wanting to appeal to a younger, hipper market than their premium cigars. They came to us to help them make the line stand out in the flavored cigar market, and particulary, help them appeal to men whom they worried thought flavored cigars were not masculine enough.  We worked on strategy, branding, graphic, packaging, costume and character design and tradeshow presence.

Krohn design consolidated their 6 flavor line under one overall brand. To increase brand recognition, we embedded the parent company's logo (which we also designed) in the new logo we created for Flavours by CAO. The client wanted "normal" guys to believe that these were not "chick"cigars, and to get into trying them. Krohn design created a costumed character or "flavourette" representing each flavor whose job is to reinforce the sense of fun associated with this brand and tattoo the logo for their flavor onto guests at events.  

The core and the most tangible part of the new branding strategy has been new designs for cigar tins which express the credos of the line: fun, irreverence, delight and funky style.

Our branding strategy for flavours by CAO also included a new trade show booth which continued the modern look of the premium cigar booth done for CAO, but established an area exclusively for the funky flavored line.

As a result of this campaign, Flavors by CAO rose to become the leading brand of flavored cigar in the United States.